About Bromley Girls

BromleyAt an elite New York City girls’ school in 1955, three ninth-graders face anti-Semitism and find a way to turn hate into friendship…

Emily Winter, a 14-year-old Jewish girl who has just moved from Long Island with her father and pregnant mother, confronts a daunting new world at posh, hyper-academic Bromley, Manhattan’s most desirable girls’ school. She’s stunned when she overhears a classmate, the beautiful, imperious Cressida Whitcroft, concoct a plot to ostracize the Jewish girls, and is devastated to learn that her new friend Phoebe Barrett, who comes from an impoverished but upper-crust family, is joining Cressida’s anti-Semitic club. Emily is determined not to let prejudice ruin her friendship with Phoebe, who shares her crush on the actor Laurence Olivier and her obsession with the Age of Chivalry. Besides, how can she stay angry with Phoebe, when the girl has put herself on a stringent diet and is shrinking to nothing?

It’s 1955, the year The Diary of Anne Frank opens on Broadway—Emily sees the play on her birthday—but it’s obvious to her that horror at the Nazis’ deeds hasn’t brought an end to intolerance. Against the backdrop of the era’s bigotry and sexual prudery, she discovers a knack for leadership as she copes with her newborn brother and his meddlesome baby nurse, a know-it-all classmate addicted to true-love magazines, a Whiz Kid who thinks he’s James Dean, a Current Events teacher who ignores a pertinent news article, and a 15-year-old fencer with an intriguing scar from Kensington, Bromley’s brother school. An accusation that Emily’s date for the ninth grade dance spiked the punch bowl with a mysterious virus leads to an unusual assignment that brings Emily, Phoebe and Cressida together. Will it bring Emily and the fencer together, too?